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  • EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNTS - When planning a cruise with Meissner Cruise & Travel, you will automatically be given any early booking discount that applies! No need to ask for it, just plan ahead and for a small deposit, your reservation is set. AND did you know that monthly payment plans are available upon request? We want life to be easy...


  • WHAT SHOULD I PACK? It's hard to remember everything when packing for yourself and your family, but here's a packing checklist to get you started.  We really do take the worry out of your vacations! (Acrobat Readerfree Adobe Acrobat Reader required)


  • WIPE AWAY GERMS - Help avoid catching colds and other ailments while traveling by using travel-size packets of disinfectant wipes. Use them to clean the armrest and tray tables on airplanes and phones in hotel rooms, as well as cruise ship cabins. Use antibacterial hand gel when returning to your room/cabin from public areas.


Packing for your next trip? Don't forget medication!

Packing an over-the-counter pain medication like acetaminophen and diarrhea medication is a good idea. It's a good idea to pack some over-the-counter allergy medication even if you don't take it at home. People sometimes unexpectedly develop allergic reactions to the pollens and other allergens found in a new environment. Those with asthma or other allergies can unexpectedly react to these new substances.
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PASSPORTS REQUIRED - You know that traveling Americans returning to the United States will be required to have a valid U.S. Passport. More about Passports...